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By Scott T. Sterling

Late last week (April 4), Calvin Harris was proud to announce that he’d reached 4 million followers on Twitter. No biggie really for the man who’s already amassed more than 6.5 million likes on Facebook.

But part of the reason why Harris has become such a social media beast is his ability to document his high life traveling the world as one of its most in-demand DJs. Case in point: his Twitter account is by and large a direct link to his Instagram page, which is an ongoing chronicle of him hobnobbing with fellow celebrities and using his money for the more extravagant things life has to offer.  Harris is living the life that millions of aspiring DJs literally dream of experiencing.

Trawling through the Scottish producer’s Twitter and Instagram accounts, you can help but see a few themes clearly emerge.

Below is an unfiltered look at a few of Calvin Harris’ favorite things.


Famous Friends

Being Calvin Harris means being in close contact with some of the world’s most famous folks on a regular basis. Click through his Twitter links, and there are a trove of images depicting him getting cozy with all sorts of marquee artists, including Jay Z, David Guetta, Nile Rodgers and of course, his pop star girlfriend, Rita Ora.


Beautiful Girls

While Harris and Ora appear to be quite the happy couple, that doesn’t mean the DJ still can’t enjoy the company of beautiful women. Whether he’s posing with a pair of lovely young ladies in Mexico or showing off a trio of models from a recent music video, there’s certainly no shortage of them on his Instagram account.


Living Large

Life looks pretty good for a star of Harris’ caliber, and he knows it. Shots of capacity crowds and adoring fans pepper his social networks, make being a superstar DJ look like nice work (if you can get it). He also does a pretty good Drake impression as he poses in front of a private jet and Cadillac Escalade.



Like most of us, Harris has no shortage of selfies on his social networks. Although his are definitely much more epic than most – like when he poses in front of a giant billboard in Las Vegas advertising a big New Year’s Eve gig.


Hot Cars

Harris definitely has an appreciation for fine vehicles, from modern luxury rides to the classic cars of yesteryear.


Making Music

Through the barrage of shots epitomizing the good life, Harris never forgets to take it back to the source of his wealth and fame: the music. He can often be seen editing tracks for an impending DJ set and previews of new tracks, like the pre-release snippets of the song “Summer” he teased on Instagram (check out the steamy “Summer” music video here).


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