Is this the worst DJ set ever? – The Guardian (blog)

Everyone who’s ever DJed has had a nightmare. Years ago, when my colleague Laura Barton and I ran a club night, I remember surveying the room at around 10.30pm. There was not one paying customer there; Laura was behind the decks playing the Decemberists’ acoustic reverie Red Right Ankle, reading the Evening Standard, while wearing a coat because it was so cold. At least, though, with no one there, our embarrassment was private.

So spare a thought for this fella, playing the world’s least successful DJ set at what seems to be a competition at a Dreamhack event. Dreamhack’s a computer festival (it’s held the record for the world’s fastest internet connection, fact fans), which proudly boasts of being alcohol and drug free, so it’s perhaps not the best environment for a DJ anyway – this looks like a crowd that would need cattleprods to get them out of their seats. But, still, you can perhaps make a bit more effort than this – as one of the judges observes at the end of the set: “Hands-free DJing.”

Watch and cringe. (Via


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