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Have you found yourself wondering “What’s that song?” while watching your favorite TV shows? If so, we’re here to tell you. Check out our Spotify playlist below and see why these music picks clicked. (Warning for those still catching up on DVR: SPOILERS ahead!)

The song: Prince, “The Question of U”
The hook: The Purple One was a hot commodity in Sochi. This sultry yet staccato deep cut from 1990′s Graffiti Bridge provided a sassy soundtrack for Team USA figure skater Jason Brown on Feb. 13, then again for France’s Maé-Bérénice Méité in the ladies’ short program on Wednesday night.
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The song: Morrissey, “Everyday Is Like Sunday”
The episode: “Looking for the Future” (105)
The hook: Jukeboxers on Twitter have been digging the Bay Area show’s eclectic soundtrack. This week, there was love for Richie’s (Raúl Castillo) unplugged bass serenade of Maná’s “Oye Mi Amor” to Patrick (Jonathan Groff). Closing out the night, “Sunday” — from the Smiths singer’s 1988 solo debut — showed off Morrissey’s typically bleak outlook that, despite Patrick’s happiness about playing hookie from work to get to know Richie, hung over him about the future, work, and anything else the adorably neurotic San Franciscan might conjure.

The song: Harry Nilsson, “You’re Breaking My Heart”
The episode: “Beach House” (307)
The hook: Before things got ugly during a weekend out of the city, the girls of Girls mounted a full-on dance number Sunday with the help of a choreographer they’d invited over for an afternoon of frolicking. Unfortunately, it was this very dance number that triggered Marnie’s (Allison Williams) control-freak streak and drove the ladies — especially an awesomely over-it Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) — to lob truth bombs at each other. By the end of the ep, the friend smoothed their rift by breaking into the dance, then laughter, once more without music. Dance heals, y’all.

The song: The Record Company, “Baby I’m Broken”
The episode: “Love for Sale” (1415)
The hook: Another day, another dead body, another kick-ass lab song for the gang at the folks at Crime Scene Investigation — this time with a bluesy, Black Keys-y vibe.

The song: Sirah, “Inhale”
The episode: “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (615)
The hook: Monday’s ep featured Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett’s (Stana Katic) love theme, Andrew Belle’s “In My Veins” (which Jukebox loved from the moment it first aired back 2012), but another moment in the episode featured this up-tempo groover in an appropriate setting: Prom!

The song: Nick Thayer feat. The Crystal Method, “Dosimeter”
The episode: “Disrupt” (111)
The hook: This radiation-themed thumper played Monday as Stahl (Minka Kelly) wigged out to join Kennex (Karl Urban) for an undercover op at a hacker rave.
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The song: The Flaming Lips, “Always There…In Our Hearts (Individual Shuffle-Ready Version)”
The episode: “Reflection” (205)
The hook: Brooding and chant-like, the Lips’ track underscored the juxtaposition of a lusty moment between Joe (James Purefoy) and Lily (Connie Nielsen), and the Ryan’s (Kevin Bacon) panic to find his niece Max (Jessica Stroup). Sex, violence, and a haunting song. Classic Following.

The song: Bear’s Den, “Mother”
The episode: “Daughter of the Alamo” (106)
The hook: The Sofia Vergara-produced Texas Ranger serial ended on an abrupt cliffhanger this Tuesday, and the London trio played out the series’ de facto ending.

SHAMELESS (Showtime)*
The song: Sydney Wayser, “Geographer”
The episode: “Iron City” (406)
The hook: Fiona (Emmy Rossum) has found herself adrift in life of late, most recently when she was arrested for leaving out a bag of cocaine that nearly killed baby Liam. At the end of Sunday’s episode, Wayser’s morose melody about treading water and tracing back one’s way to steady ground was a pitch-perfect, if sad, note to end on as Fiona returned home from jail to an empty house.

The song: Civil Twilight, “Human”
The episode: “Pilot” (101)
The hook: And so was born a love theme. The Cape Town rockers’ understated anthem played through a few scenes showing the undeniable connection between human Emery (Aimee Teegarden) and alien Roman (Matt Lanter). In a show pondering the toll of strife between humans and the aliens who have immigrated to Earth, it’s worth noting that the lyrics (It’s only love, it’s only pain It’s only fear that runs through my veins It’s all the things you can’t explain That make us human”) seem equally as fitting for both Emery and Roman. Wrapping up the ep, the Hair hit “Aquarius” got a moody makeover courtesy of Digital Daggers — an appropriately astral accompaniment as hunky alien Roman (Matt Lanter) exposed his Atrian powers to save a life.
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The song: Lily Lane, “Nothin’ But Trouble”
The episode: “Free Fall” (420)
The hook: Tuesday saw the rift between the Liars grow during an intervention for Spencer (Troian Bellisario), who’s developed a “Trouble”-some pill addiction. But the song also applied to Ezra (Ian Harding), who proclaimed his innocence to keep Aria (Lucy Hale) by his side, but whose exposé about Rosewood’s many shady situations has fallen into the wrong hands.
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*Readers’ Choice! Thanks to @Letssingaboutit, @DaveSoChilled, @BigBrother1988, @Sobie09, and @Rashad_H for their suggestions!

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