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If there’s one thing PC enthusiasts are keenly awaiting at the moment, it’s Intel’s next generation processors, specifically the overclocking-friendly K-series models that are currently codenamed Devil’s Canyon.

I reported here about leaked information on the new processors, one of which will be Intel’s first ever 4GHz desktop processor. However, something that Intel has been keen to keep under wraps is whether other motherboards would support the new processors, or at least be able to access the K-series models’ overclocking capabilities.

Several websites have recently spotted a potential answer to both of those questions. Motherboard manufacturer Asus has released a new BIOS update for a wide range of its older socket LGA1150 motherboards that use Intel’s Z87 chipset, which claims to “enhance compatibility for new Anniversary Edition and Devil’s Canyon CPU’s”.


A simple BIOS update is all that appears to be needed to allow a Z87 motherboard to be compatible with Intel’s soon to be released CPUs

The Anniversary Edition CPU is an overclockable Pentium processor – the first to offer overclocking in several generations, and is part of a renewed effort by Intel to support the PC enthusiast. The Devil’s Canyon parts are the rumored Core i5-4690K and Core i7-4790K – the latter being Intel’s first 4GHz desktop processor.


Asus’ previous generation motherboards that use Intel’s Z87 chipset look set to offer full support for Intel’s new Devil’s Canyon CPUs

Both CPUs are highly anticipated by PC enthusiasts as they feature unlocked multipliers, allowing end users to increase their clockspeeds, improving performance as a result. The Core i7-4790K is widely expected to be able to reach 5GHz using air cooling, although this remains to be seen. Even so, this news means that you may not have to upgrade to a more recent Z97 chipset motherboard. With the Taiwan technology show Computex currently underway, there will likely be more information released this week too.


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