Chip Kelly says Pro Day attendance is about more than workouts –

Eagles head coach Kelly smiles from the sideline in PhiladelphiaReuters

Eagles coach Chip Kelly attended more Pro Day workouts than any other NFL head coach. But he said the primary reason wasn’t to find out how a player runs and jumps in shorts and a T-shirt.

Instead, Kelly said he likes to visit college campuses so he can get the perspectives of all the people who spent the last few years with these prospects. According to Kelly, finding out how a low-level staffer in a college’s athletics department feels about a star player can go a long way toward judging what kind of person he is.

“To me it’s just another tool in the toolbox when you’re making evaluations on people,” Kelly said, via “It’s tough for me to be in a room and argue for or against a player when I’ve never seen them in person. I’ve watched his tape. There’s so much more than just watching tape – finding out the people that coached him, finding out what the janitor in the complex says about him, finding out what the people in the cafeteria say about him, find out what he’s like from a learning standpoint, find out as much information as you possibly can. And if you don’t, then shame on you.”

Perhaps Kelly was thinking of DeSean Jackson when he said that: Kelly clearly believes that the previous regime in Philadelphia gave Jackson far too lucrative a contract, and Kelly’s problems with Jackson appeared to stem from issues other than his play on the field on Sundays. Kelly wants to know that he sees eye to eye with the players the Eagles draft this week. That wasn’t the case with Jackson.


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