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INTEL HAS OUTED a refreshed version of its software development kit (SDK) for OpenCL applications running on the Windows and Linux operating systems. 

The 2014 release, which has been available in beta since February, builds on OpenCL Applications XE 2013, but includes remote development for Google’s Android operating system. 

“As visual applications continuously evolve, it is important that graphic capabilities and performance keep pace with these rapid changes. To meet these demands, Intel is offering developers a free, unified development environment that offers offline compilation, debugging, code advising and code samples,” Intel said in a blog post.

Intel’s latest release includes an integrated Code Builder, a set of Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse plug-ins that provide the development environment to create, code, compile, advise, and debug OpenCL Applications. A standalone IDE is also available, Intel said on Wednesday.

Developers are also able to control the graphic capabilities of OpenCL API on Intel HD Graphics and Intel Iris Graphics with the 2014 release, which is supported by Intel CPUs, Intel graphics technology, and the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor.

Intel’s growing support for OpenCL could force Nvidia to support the language more rather than push its own CUDA programming language. While Nvidia has enjoyed some success with CUDA, Intel’s blessing of OpenCL should attract even more developers to the programming language.

Intel’s SDK for OpenCL Applications XE 2013 IDE is available as a free download for Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Suse Linux. µ


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