HC AA-B25 Auto/Air Adapter - Fujitsu LifeBook B2610 Sony VAIO PCG-505 Pansonic


    • HC AA-B25 Auto/Air Adapter - Fujitsu LifeBook B2610 Sony VAIO PCG-505 Pansonic
    • NEW
    • Hi-Capacity
    • Auto Adapter

    Product Description

    The Hi-Capacity AA-B25 meets or exceeds original manufacturer power specifications.Notebook computer slim line auto/air adapterVoltage: 15 TO 17Capacity: Chemistry: Length: Width: Height: Weight: 1.1Country of Manufacture: KoreaHi-Capacity AA-B25 Batteries are designed with the finest components available.We guarantee that this part will meet or exceed original manufacturer power specifications for AA-B25 Battery.High performance, lightweight replacement Batteries.The Hi-Capacity AA-B25 is compatible with the following Models:PC-9340T, LifeBook 520T, LifeBook 565TX, LifeBook 656TX, LifeBook 765DX, LifeBook C4120, LifeBook C6320, LifeBook C6577, LifeBook E335, LifeBook E350, LifeBook E6550, Stylistic 500, 1697102, 1697102, ToughBook 25, VAIO PCG-C1MV, VAIO PCG-GR270, VAIO PCG-GR270K, VAIO PCG-SR series, VAIO PCG-SR17, VAIO PCG-TR3AP2, VAIO PCG-Z1A, VAIO VGN-G118GN/B, VAIO VGN-G2AAPSB, VAIO VGN-S26GP, VAIO VGN-S360, VAIO VGN-S51B, VAIO VGN-S91PSY6, VAIO VGN-T140P/L, VAIO VGN-TT13/N (Silver), VAIO VGN-TT15SN/B (Silver), VAIO VGN-TT18N/X (Black), VAIO VGN-TT25GN/N (Black), VAIO VGN-TT25SN/N (Silver), VAIO VGN-TT26MN/R (Black), VAIO VGN-TT27GDX (Black), VAIO VGN-TT290YBB (Black), VAIO VGN-TT299PCB (Black), VAIO VGN-TT36GD/N (Black), VAIO VGN-TT36GD/W (Silver), VAIO VGN-TT4S1 (Black), VAIO VGN-TT90NS (Silver), VAIO VGN-TT90PS (Black), VAIO VGN-TT91YS (Black), VAIO VGN-TT93VS (Silver), VAIO VGN-TX16C, VAIO VGN-TX17C/B, VAIO VGN-TX1HP, VAIO VGN-TX46C/B, VAIO VGN-TX51B/B, VAIO VGN-TX670P/W, VAIO VGN-TX790PK1, VAIO VGN-TZ150N/N, VAIO VGN-TZ17N, VAIO VGN-TZ185N/WC, VAIO VGN-TZ190N/B, VAIO VGN-TZ250N/B, VAIO VGN-TZ27N/R, VAIO VGN-TZ350N/P, VAIO VGN-TZ73B, VAIO VGN-TZ90NS, VAIO VGN-UX007, VAIO VGN-Z1XMP, VGN-TX750P/B, VGN-UX380N, 2820HD, LifeBook 585TX, LifeBook 765TX, LifeBook C342, LifeBook C5130, LifeBook E6596, LifeBook S2020, Milan, CF-07, ToughBook 01, VAIO PCG-505F, VAIO PCG-505TX, VAIO PCG-GR250, VAIO PCG-TR2/AP1, VAIO PCG-TR2/B, VAIO PCG-V505 CTO, VAIO PCG-V505DX

    Product Detail

    • Product Dimensions: 3.85 x 1.64 x 1 inches; 1.1 pounds
    • Shipping Weight: 1.1 pounds
    • ASIN: B000Q82MCU
    • Item model number:
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